As an industrious professional, I have extensive experience in professional and technical writing, research, scientific communications, interviews, publishing and international travel. My PhD specialized in interdisciplinary approaches to social sciences and humanities and my second Master’s focused on capacity building and governance in non-profit organization management. My background features years of experience supervising research and teaching professional and scientific writing. I have experience in grant writing and have funded courses through grant awards. Teamwork and adaptability are part of my core values and I am seeking a career incorporating my lifelong commitments to learning, community development, and social justice.

Relevant Experience:


Visiting Adjunct Assistant Professor – Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia Tech)

Promoted to Visiting Adjunct Assistant Professor in the department of Political Science and the International Studies Program at Virginia Tech with courses cross-listed in Urban Affairs and Planning, and Philosophy departments.

  • Researched and designed curriculum in global environmental issues, special topics courses in environmental racism, indigenous studies, intersectional analysis, political environmentalism, critical approaches to social scientific methodology and political science research methods.
  • Served as subject matter expert and managed 359 people over two years, across 12 bespoke undergraduate level courses and held office hours to discuss and coordinate research in-person and through a self-designed website in WordPress ( for remote courses.
  • Gained proficiency in Zoom and Google Meet online conferencing software and conducted meetings with research teams.
  • Directed and led the design of 333 science-based research projects to identify individual interests, remotely and in-person, in political environmentalism, and the social sciences. Identified gaps in literature for strategic research contributions, and successfully placed people in graduate schools, the Committee on Human Rights in North Korea, and the Coelho Law School Fellowship.
  • Coordinated and managed research teams to edit and produce content for a website and remote administration of online learning communities.
  • Instructed writing and understanding literature reviews in: progressive politics, political-economic analysis, intersectional analysis, environmental social sciences and political science.
  • Published peer-reviewed research concerning theoretical approaches to qualitative methodology in environmental social sciences and conducted research on environmental justice, intersectional analysis, indigenous studies and international development.
  • Interested Palgrave Macmillan in a book project concerning my doctoral dissertation and am currently in proposal stages for peer-review with the press.
  • Served as discussant for Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical and Cultural Thought (ASPECT) working paper series as well as ASPECT Virtual Conferences 2022, and 2021.
  • Currently publishing peer-reviewed research on political environmentalism, critical approaches to environmental planning, environmental racism, and ecocriticism with New Political Science.
  • Attended and presented original research at three international conferences on environmentalism: American Association of Geographers, Western Political Science Association, and International Studies Association.
  • Co-organizer for Western Political Science Association panel “25 Years of Ecocritique,” Portland, OR, 2022. 


Adjunct Assistant Professor – Virginia Tech

Promoted to Adjunct Assistant Professor in the department of Political Science and the International Studies Program at Virginia Tech. Personally handled COVID-19 adaptation to remote instruction through designing a website for remote management (

  • Designed courses in political environmentalism and switched from in-person to remote online instruction during COVID-19 through adapting courses for student-driven research in environmental social sciences and political theory.
  • Created remote, online learning communities through WordPress and Canvas learning management software.
  • Served as subject matter expert and managed 142 people over a year and across four courses in upper-division political science and environmental social sciences.
  • Led and managed research teams producing course content and acted as course administrator.
  • Supervised and coordinated research projects and personally identified and directed research interests through relevant literature and gaps for contributions.
  • Used Google Hangouts to individually meet with people, direct research and identify relevant literature and methodological approaches for research projects.
  • Formulated and submitted original research as book manuscript to Utah State University Press.


Instructor of Record – Virginia Tech

Served as Instructor of Record for the ASPECT program at Virginia Tech and worked in the Political Science, and Philosophy departments.

  • Designed, developed, delivered and administered nine courses, across two academic departments, over four and half years, managing 263 people and presented original research at four conferences.
  • Created and managed courses emphasizing individual research while serving as subject matter expert.
  • Wrote and managed grants for Virginia Tech Summer Academy courses.
  • Interviewed subject matter experts on progressive politics and social justice for Trustees Without Borders podcast.
  • Coordinated research and edited writing concerning global environmental justice.
  • Invited The Vietnam Graffiti Project: Messages from a Forgotten Troopship to campus: acted as project manager, secured funding for speakers, found space for presentations, secured lodging, coordinated student volunteers, press releases and interview for Trustees Without Borders. Multi-stakeholder effort involving: the department of Political Science, the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets and the Institute for Policy and Governance (IPG).
  • Published dissertation on Greater Sage-grouse conservation policy and political-economy in Wyoming.
  • Active member of Community Voices Community-based Organization: contributed to events planning, speaker series and interview podcast series through IPG.
  • Published original research on American politics and social issues.
  • Served as visiting scholar on International Research Exchange Program (IREP) to Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany and conducted content, and discourse analysis on right-wing populism under Prof. Dr. Dirk Jörke.
  • Trained as Community Dialogue Facilitator with Virginia Tech Intercultural Communications Department.
  • Trained as Direct-Action Grassroots Community Organizer with VTAction and Virginia Organizing.


PhD, Social, Political, Ethical and Cultural Thought, Virginia Tech – December 2019

Dissertation – “The Greater Sage-grouse in Wyoming: A Technonatural Study”

MA, Public and International Affairs, Virginia Tech – May 2015

Graduate Certificate, Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organization Management, Virginia Tech – May 2015

MA, Philosophy, Virginia Tech – May 2015

BS, Philosophy, The College at Brockport, State University of New York – May 2011